8th Grade Pre-Algebra Course Outline

The textbook used for this course is Holt Mathematics Course 3. An online version of the text is available to you. Have your user name and password ready and click here. Any references to chapters, sections, or page numbers relate back to the text. There will also be handouts from other sources that relate to the topics covered.

Chapter 1: Principles of Algebra
  • Use order of operations to write and evaluate algebraic expressions
  • Order, add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers, including those with absolute value
  • Use properties of equality to solve one-step equations
  • Compare, solve, and graph inequalities

Chapter 2: Rational Numbers
  • Understand rational numbers
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers
  • Solve one-step equations with rational numbers
  • Solve two-step equations

Chapter 11: Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities
  • Simplify algebraic expressions
  • Solve multi-step equations
  • Solve one-, two-, and multi-step inequalities
  • Solve systems of equations by substitution

Chapter 3: Graphs, Functions, and Sequences
  • Use ordered pairs to solve and graph equations with two variables
  • Represent and identify functions by using equations, tables, and graphs

Chapter 12: Graphing Lines
  • Graph and identify linear equations
  • Understand slope and rate of change
  • Identify intercepts and use the slope-intercept form of equations
  • Graph linear inequalities on a coordinate plane
  • Solve systems of equations by graphing

Chapter 4: Exponents and Roots
  • Identify and evaluate expressions with exponents
  • Understand zero and negative exponents
  • Multiply and divide with exponents
  • Use scientific notation
  • Solve problems with square roots
  • Classify real numbers
  • Use the pythagorean theorem to solve problems

Chapter 14: Polynomials
  • Describe and simplify polynomials
  • Add and subtract polynomials
  • Multiply, divide, and factor polynomials